Book early – why now?

Are you waiting for the last minute, too? What if the price falls?

It may be tempting to watch the clock for fear of missing a good last-minute offer. If you book early, you have more boats to choose from – but if you wait, the boat may be gone.

The best price

The best possible holiday for the best price – that's what we all want! It is our experience that you get the cheapest boat holiday if you book your holiday as early as possible and utilize the book-early offers.

We cannot deny that last-minute discounts are offered if a boat has not been rented out 1-1½ months before the rental period starts.

It may look enticing if you compare and see that there are some big last-minute offers.

However – the boats which are not rented out 1-1½ month before departure are often those which have been too expensive from the beginning.

If a boat operator introduces 20-25% last-minute discount shortly before departure, but the price of the boat from the start has been priced 40-50% higher compared to similar boats, it means that the saving will be minimal, if any at all.

Widest selection of boats first in the booking season

Those who book first will choose the boats with the best value for money; the biggest boat, the newest boat, the best location, the best travel period. They get the largest selection, while those who wait, must choose among the boats that are left. Therefore, do not get tempted to wait for big discounts later in the season – you are always best placed if you book as early as possible.

We usually say that choosing the best rental boat for the money is like when you are in the supermarket and choose fruit and vegetables: "When you come first, you can choose freely. You have the time to choose the best – but if you wait, you can only choose among the ones left behind. As the last ones arrived in the store you cannot see what has previously been offered to others, and what has already been sold".

Cheap Flights

If you require a flight to the destination, then the book-early effect is often even bigger. It is our experience that the price of airline tickets also increases significantly, the closer you get to the departure date.

These three effects are reinforcing each other, and the conclusion is that you have the best advantage if you book your boat holidays as early as possible.

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